Assisi Loop Therapy (P.E.M.F. – Pulsed Electromagnetic Field)

Assisi’s targeted pulsed electromagnetic field therapy involves the use of electrical currents to improve health and healing. Pulsed electromagnetic fields are simply delivery systems for inducing electrical current. Pulsing an electromagnetic field near a patient’s tissue (serving as a conductor) will induce a current flow in the conductor.

This simple law from physics allows currents to be induced in tissue from outside the body, without anything touching the skin. Magnetic fields penetrate through bandages, casts, fur and hair. The simple induction of electrical current in tissue is the functional therapeutic component of Assisi’s tPEMF technology. The therapeutic effects are the result of this induced current.
The original developer of Assisi’s targeted PEMF products, Arthur A. Pilla, was a professor of Biomedical Engineering at Columbia University. He focused significant time and resources on researching mechanisms of action for PEMF and developing PEMF signals. Research suggested that calcium binding was a likely candidate, in particular, the binding of calcium (Ca) to calmodulin (CaM). This particular complex is a voltage-dependent process responsible for a number of potentially therapeutic biological cascades, most importantly the natural anti-inflammatory cascade.

The Ca/CaM anti-inflammatory cascade is well-described. The result of this cascade is the production of nitric oxide (NO), a principal anti-inflammatory molecule. Nitrous oxide reduces pain, improves blood flow, and reduces edema. It further triggers downstream effects, including the production of cGMP, the ‘energy’ molecule that then drives growth factor production, which, in turn, support new blood vessel formation, tissue regeneration and then, ultimately, to tissue remodeling.

The Assisi Loop brings effective targeted PEMF technology to veterinary medicine in small, lightweight and disposable configurations. Clinical uses for this device include virtually any condition that involves pain or inflammation, including arthritis, sprains, fractures and wounds. The Assisi loops are available in two sizes, 4 and 7 inch, which are effective for 150 treatment cycles.