Emergency Services

During Office Hours

Emergency Services are offered by Ness Exotic Wellness Center during regular business hours. Please call the clinic for an appointment in order to best accommodate your pet’s needs. If an appointment is not available and your pet needs immediate attention, you may be offered a Daytime Emergency Visit where the patient will be taken back for a veterinarian to evaluate while a technician gets information about the emergency situation. Although you may not get a consultation with the doctor, your pet will receive the urgent care he/she needs. Options for diagnostic testing and the proposed treatment plan will be established by the veterinarian and the technician will review them with you. Hospitalization may be indicated, since many emergency situations require follow up care and medical support.


After Office Hours

If your pet is need of emergency services after Ness Exotic Wellness Center is closed for the day, please contact one of the following After Hour Emergency Clinics. These practices are staffed through the night and prepared to care for the urgent needs of an emergency situation. The Emergency Clinics provided are those in the Chicago area that are best suited and staffed to treat avian and exotic pets.

Please contact Ness Exotic the morning after your Emergency Clinic visit to inform us of the situation and to arrange for an examination to provide any follow up care that is necessary. Instruct the Emergency Clinic to send records by fax to Ness Exotic at 630-737-1332. Also have any diagnostic images, such as x-rays, sent by email to [email protected].

DURING Office Hours Emergencies
Call 630-737-1281
AFTER Office Hours Emergencies

Veterinary Emergency Group – Lincoln Park
Chicago, Illinois 60610