Please feel free to leave feedback on our clinic at sites like Facebook, Yelp, Google Maps, VetScene, and InsiderPages.com. These are some things our clients have said about us.

We've been clients of the Ness Exotic Wellness Center (NEWC) for 17+ years because of the EXCELLENT care provided by Dr. Ness and his Staff for our Meyers Parrot. The visits are thorough and informative. The "new" location is convenient and offers all of the modern necessities as well as products to purchase for our parrot's best health and entertainment. I have recommended NEWC to anyone any time they have inquired about veterinary care for their pet(s).

Tim P

Dr. Nye and his assistant Michelle were fantastic. Very interested in my pets and very knowledgeable, willing to spend time with me and answer all of my questions!

Susan K

Both of my rabbits are being treated with herbal remedies for each of their conditions. I am so grateful for this option. Merging Eastern and Western medicine is highly successful for humans, so again, I am grateful for this option for my pets. I appreciate the expertise and care of all Ness Wellness Center

Lisa F

This clinic is absolutely phenomenal. The receptionists, vet techs and veterinarians all go above and beyond to make sure your reptile or furry friend receives the care they need and deserve. I brought my ball python and veiled chameleon in and they couldn't have been in better hands. Every single person who works here is so kind and caring and they truly do make you feel so welcome as soon as you walk in the door. It was a blessing in my life finding Ness Exotic Wellness Center, and I recommend it to anyone and everyone looking for a clinic to bring their animals to.

Sydney S

Dr. Golan is very friendly and caring. She explains in detail her findings and is very through in her examinations. I would highly recommend Ness Exotic for anyone with exotic pets, they are all very compassionate and take great care of your pet.


Ness Exotic Wellness Center is one of the most professional, highly knowledgeable, and well experienced veterinary clinics. I was referred by a friend to visit the Ness Exotic Wellness Center when one of our three turtles was experiencing a respiratory infection. The information, care, and support that I have received saved the turtles life. The staff is super friendly, and you know right when you enter the front door that this veterinary faculty is all hands on. The staff working at the Ness Exotic Center goes the extra mile. I usually do not waste my time writing reviews, however every once in awhile when something is worth mentioning I will do the exception. You guys all deserve a big "Thank You" for the wonderful work that is done with knowledge and love for the animals that you provide care for.

Agnes T

Dr. Ness and Dr.Nye are the docs I usually end up seeing. Both are fantastic. Very kind and always full of helpful tips for our lil guy. I usually do not have anyone to watch my 5y/o son so I bring him along and they are both great with him and answer his questions too. It gets him more involved with his pet I love that they recognize and encourage it. Staff are wonderful too. Jake is always kind and answers questions and explains things calmly and with detail. Kevin is always there with a kind word and willing to help. I would not think of going anywhere else or trust our pet in any other hands.

Michelle R

My Pet bird has been a patient of Dr. Ness for several years now. Each and every time I visit Ness Exotics, I am treated very friendly and professionally. The entire staff is very easy to work with, and seem to always have your pets best interest in mind. We are lucky to have Dr. Ness and his entire staff within our Geographic Location. If you are considering taking your pet to See Ness Exotics but unsure, I would strongly advise anybody to give them a try without any hesitation or reservations.

Don H

Dr.Ness is an Excellent veterinarian.He has been in practice for many years and is very skilled and compassionate in working with Avians, Exotic animals and Cats & Dogs as well. He offers eastern and western medicine and has a keen sense for what is needed to help your pet to achieve their fullest in healing. Also his technicians are great and well educated. The front desk staff are all very friendly too.

Maria M

AS usual...Excellent. Many years with Dr. Nye and I hope a few more. Dr. Nye has always given me sound advice based on what best for everyone concerned. I also again want to mention how supportive everyone was when I had to make to make a hard decision to end the life on my 26 year old cockatiels (Judy's) life. The memorial in her name was very thoughtful. Now I have a new cockatiel - Bennie - who is simply Judy with feathers. Thank you to everyone.

Phyllis W

I’m Charlie’s mom. I can’t tell you how grateful we are to Dr. Ness and the techs who took such great care of Charlie and continue to do so. To think of how Charlie was on the day we first met Dr. Ness, and how he is now is like day and night. Charlie is truly a success story!

Debbie L

Michelle and Dr. Krumm we’re so helpful. They clarified so many questions and conflicting information I’ve read online and received from the pet store. I felt very relieved and much more confident in being able to properly care for our new bearded dragon.